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  • Hammer Mill
  • Paddle Mixer
  • Solution Tank
  • Microdoser
  • Roller Crusher

moinho martelo 1


Client: 8184
Quantity: 01 units

Description: Hammer Mill model: MOM5630c with Magnetic Rotative Feeder model: ALM30ac


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misturador pas 1


Client: 743
Quantity: 01 units

Description: Mixer Agility model: 10.1 RPCL AC


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Tanque de Soluções


Client: 7.744
Quantity: 02 units
Capacity: 60.000lts

Description: Tank in Stainless Steel 316L, built according to ASME Section VIII - Div 1, isolated in rock wool with a thickness of 100mm and Coated Stainless Steel 304, with a diameter of 3.600mm and 9.500mm height.


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microdosador - 01

Client: 3879
Quantity: 02 units
Description: Microdoser with support frame and accessories.

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Client: 6.597
Quantity: 01 unit
Capacity: 15 Ton/h
Description: Roller Crusher composed of two rollers applied to the reduction of homogeneous Pellts

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